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Who We Are & What We Do.

HourWork is your people strategy for an understaffed world.

We help you recruit by re-engaging the people you already know – past applicants and former employees. 

We help you retain by figuring out what matters most to your employees through our automated check-ins so you can build employee loyalty and prevent turnover.

Our Mission

We’re building an hourly workspace that works for everyone.

Our Vision

We are transforming hourly work by restoring the ideals of the American Dream, ​rooted in affording everyone the opportunity to earn, find personal satisfaction and save.

Rahkeem Morris Founder & CEO

A Message From Rahkeem

“Being raised by a single parent who was an hourly worker and also serving as an hourly worker for a decade myself, I have a deep understanding of the opportunities to improve the hourly work space to better support workers, their lives and their families. In doing so, employers will greatly benefit, too. The work we do at HourWork has been a dream of mine for years and I'm honored to have found the best team to do it with. Let’s build an hourly workspace that works for everyone.”

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