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Increased applicant flow & hires made.

hires made.
60% increase
in 90-day retention*
saved per store annually*

At my stores, we call folks who used to work for us when we are short staffed. So when I chose to work with HourWork, I was a little dubious that they could do much for us.

But I was quite impressed with the results! They were reasonably priced, professional, tolerated my skepticism and wiley wit and prodded me to get my part done just right.

We only did a few stores, but we received a good number of applicants. We hired a few – which at the time was huge.

Another thing occurred as well. I had dozens of folks, who used to work for us, mention they had been contacted and 100% were positive about it.

They felt we wanted them back and who does not like feeling wanted?

Long and short, I recommend the HourWork program.

     – Morgan Lacefield, Domino’s Franchisee

*stats are the average results received by HourWork clients.

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