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Along with a lot of my peers, I’ve been struggling with some staffing issues. 

It’s a totally different environment today than it has been historically and at one restaurant in particular, the community was really tough. 

We were having a hard time getting the application flow that we needed to find the right people to fill the positions to staff the restaurant. We heard about HourWork and gave them a try. The experience far exceeded our expectations. 

They offered tips and secrets to interviewing, attracting applicants and getting through to applicants that we had not considered previously. Their insights have really helped the way interact with the applicant from the moment we see that application come through, until we get to the interview, which we are having very few no shows now because of the tactics HourWork recommended.

We’ve been able to hire the folks we need to staff our restaurant. I would highly recommend working with HourWork and plan to continue working with them in the future.

– Susan Credle, Owner/Operator McDonald’s & People Lead, High Plains Business Unit | TX

*Stats are the average results received by HourWork clients.