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Arlen Navarro Rivas

Business Intelligence

When Arlen Navarro Rivas first started at HourWork he was hired as a BI to help automate many of HourWork’s internal practices and processes to keep track of important metrics. Now, Arlen has moved into software engineering, working on backend services to better serve HourWork customers.

Before working for HourWork, Arlen worked in different hourly positions as a line cook for multiple restaurants. Arlen got his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from UMass Boston.

Factoids & Favorites:
  • Has a passion for crypto and what it can do for many countries that don’t have a finance system.
  • Love to play sports in particular baseball and basketball; also willing to learn new sports.
  • Favorite HourWork value - Relationships: Making meaningful connections and being able to help each other reach goals.

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Arlen Navarro Rivas

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