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Cara Walters

Senior Director of Product Marketing

Cara is a customer first and data driven marketer, heading up product and customer marketing.  

Prior to HourWork, Cara has worked with several SaaS companies in the AI and IoT, contributing to over 35+ million in series B funding as well as Salesforce’s acquisition of MapAnything in Charlotte, NC.  Their time here was spent working with customers like Eli Lilly, Capitol One, and Ally Bank.

Cara has also served as head of marketing for packaging and printing company CompanyBox (working with brands like HP, KongBox, and Polaroid) and head of customer experience enhanced services for Bluemark (working with Uber, Postmates, and Fountain).

In a past life, Cara was a crime television producer/director for America’s Most Wanted, The Killer Speaks, and Who the BLEEP did I Marry.  They hold a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in Film and Television.

In their free time, you can find Cara at the rock-climbing gym, on a yoga mat, or taking advantage of the remote-life culture at HourWork by working from different places in the world.  She also volunteers with her local LGBTQIA+ community, the Dottie Rose Foundation, TreesCharlotte, and Dress for Success.

Factoids & Favorites
  • Favorite HourWork value: Relationships - whether its internal or external, people make teamwork the dreamwork.
  • Theater is a way of life, she participates in local community theater regularly.
  • Favorites: Italian cheeses, true crime, Shakespeare, arthouse cinema, music video history

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Cara Walters

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