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Chad Mirmelli

Director of Customer Experience

Chad Mirmelli heads the client success team at HourWork, and also oversees the support and QA departments to ensure a top-quality experience for all HourWork customers.

Prior to HourWork Chad was coordinating a global rollout of AI Medical Rare Disease Research software for Definitive Healthcare at AstraZeneca and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. 

Chad has also consulted for several early stage Boston-based startups, including Alyce, CoUrbanize, Solstice and LightLine and was the founding customer success team member and manager at Starry, Buildium (now part of RealPage) and TeachPoint.

When not at work, Chad loves to travel, rock climb, waterski, surf, snowboard or OneWheel… pretty much anything outdoor and adventurous.

Factoids & Favorites:
  • In 2019, Chad was on a plane every 19 days and visited 4 countries and 30+ cities.
  • Chad has injured himself downhill mountain-biking 3 out of the 5 times… and yet for some reason he keeps trying it!
  • Chad ran a gourmet pizza shop in Cambridge for almost 2 years.

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Chad Mirmelli

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