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Jake Sacks

Implementation Specialist

Jake is a customer success leader and lifelong learner who is passionate about operational efficiency and cultivating authentic relationships. He has had a varied professional journey that spans industries and roles since graduating Florida State University in 2016. Jake started working at 14 as a grocery store cashier and has since worked as a cook, a draft beer and soda service technician, a salesperson in EdTech, a customer care team lead, a property management bookkeeping consultant and now an implementation specialist with HourWork! His history across disciplines and industries makes him a conscious and well-rounded professional with a knack for creative problem solving. Outside of work, some of Jake’s passions include playing music with his band, traveling, cooking and learning new skills.

Factoids & Favorites
  • The first year he started traveling he went to four different countries in the same year.
  • He prides himself on his pizza making abilities.
  • Favorite HourWork Value is Equity. He believes that everyone should have the same ability to succeed no matter what their chosen profession is.

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