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Yared Akalou

Head of Design

Yared Akalou leads user experience (UX) design at HourWork.

Prior to HourWork, Yared founded several work-related startups and also led the growth of newly launched innovation centers at multiple corporations.

Yared is a global speaker on design and work trends and receives immense satisfaction serving as an advisor and mentor to startup founders and accelerator programs. He received his Master of Design from Chicago’s Institute of Design, IIT.

Factoids & Favorites
  • Spoke fluent Portuguese while living in Sao Paulo, Brazil as an expat; back in the states and not so fluent. Preciso praticar mais.
  • Studied Kung Fu (Shaolin Mantis) and currently enjoying Muay Thai kickboxing class.
  • Appreciates the majestic beauty and healing power of nature-focused trips.

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Yared Akalou

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