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Real Words From Real Clients

HourWork knows the market, they know our need for employees and their unique angle helped me to land employees. It's been tremendous working with the team.

HourWork is reasonably priced, very professional, tolerated my skepticism and wiley wit, prodded me to get my part done just right. We did a few stores and received a good number of applicants. We hired a few, which at the time was huge.

Another thing occurred as well. I had dozens of folks, who used to work for us, mention they had been contacted and 100% were positive about it (they felt we wanted them back and who does not like to feel wanted?). Long and short, I recommend the HourWork program.

"The ability to customize text messages to our new employees allows us to make an initial connection and say 'welcome, you are part of the family.' For our employees who have questions, it allows us to respond instantaneously which is so important. HourWork is helping us modernize our communication."

We’d been struggling with both trying to keep restaurants open and be there for our customers. I hired 49 employees in 2 months through Syrg. That’s an average of over 4 employees per store! I’m planning on doing a campaign again soon.