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HourWork is your people strategy for an understaffed world.

How We Help Your Business

HourWork makes hiring and retaining hourly workers for franchises simple and easy. We help you recruit by re-engaging the people you already know – past applicants and former employees. 

We help you retain by figuring out what matters most to your employees through our automated check-ins, so you can build employee loyalty and slow turnover to a drip. 4,000+ stores and counting!

Real Employer Conversations

Message From: Hour Work

Hi! It’s the team that owns KFC at 123 Main St. You’ve been with us for about a week (woohoo! ????), and we wanted to see if you had any questions or concerns about the job so far? Is there anything we can help you with?

Hi! I just wanted to know when I am scheduled to work this week?

Hi! It’s the team that owns Pizza Hut at 456 Main St. You’ve been with us for about a week (woohoo! ????), and we wanted to see if you had any questions or concerns about the job so far? Is there anything we can help you with?

Hi! Thanks so much for reaching out. I'm happy with my new job and have no concerns. I look forward to helping the team make our Pizza Hut the best in the area!

Hi from the team that owns Domino’s at 789 Main St. You’ve been with us for about a month now! So exciting! ???? Work is always more fun with friends -- do you have anyone you’d want to add to our team? (Let us know their name & contact info, if so!) Please don’t forget to ask about the $200 bonus!

123-456-7890. She already had her interview, but I asked her to join us.

Hi from the team that owns KFC at 123 Maple St. Is there anything you wish was different about the current scheduling process?

I don’t know how to figure out when I’m scheduled… I just show up to work for the same shifts as last week




And you’ve already gotten your return on investment.


Cut in first-90-day turnover.

We've done thousands of exit surveys...

And the data is surprising. People leave jobs in the first 90 days for communication errors that HourWork can solve for you.


Double Your Application flow

Re-engage people you already know

Let us reach out to your past applicants and former employees to get a hiring blitz when you need it most.

Real Words From Real Employers

HourWork knows the market, they know our need for employees and their unique angle helped me to land employees. It's been tremendous working with the team.

"The ability to customize text messages to our new employees allows us to make an initial connection and say 'welcome, you are part of the family.' For our employees who have questions, it allows us to respond instantaneously which is so important. HourWork is helping us modernize our communication."

We’d been struggling with both trying to keep restaurants open and be there for our customers. I hired 49 employees in 2 months through Syrg. That’s an average of over 4 employees per store! I’m planning on doing a campaign again soon.

The first week I worked with HourWork I was sold. I had three applications, from three people they contacted. One for each of my stores. I will work with Syrg long-term because they continue to add services that help me contact my employees, former employees and former applicants.

I’d been struggling with staffing. HourWork not only offers great service, but they share tips to interview and get through to applicants. It has improved the way we interact with applicants. We’re now having very few no-shows for interviews and are able to hire the folks we need to staff our restaurant. I’d highly recommend HourWork

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